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sobota, 17 czerwca 2017

Dockerize DB2

Sometimes it is necessary to set up and remove DB2 instance quickly. So far, I was using KVM virtual machine with DB2 preinstalled. It works nicely, but a virtual machine, even KVM, comes with a huge and heavy overhead.
Another solution is to use docker. Docker can be used as a lightweight virtual machine, with much smaller footprint than a full-fledged virtual machine.
Here I'm describing the steps to run DB2 in a docker container. In this example, free DB2 Express-C edition is used but the pattern can be extended to any other DB2 edition.
After completing these simple steps, I have low profile DB2 instance ready to start and stop anytime if necessary.

Several pending tasks.
  • DB2 installation is performed manually. It is possible to automate this process through Dockerfile although the procedure is different depending on the DB2 edition.
  • DB2 instance should be started manually every time the container is restarted. Looking for the way to run it automatically.