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piątek, 31 stycznia 2020

Kerberos and Phoenix

Phoenix is a SQL solution on the top of HBase. There are two methods connecting to Phoenix, using full JDBC driver and thin JDBC driver. The latter requires additional server component, Phoenix Query Server.
I created the article about how to connect to Phoenix using both methods in kerberized environment. I also created a simple IntelliJ IDEA project demonstrating a connection to Phoenix from  Java program. Both JDBC drivers are supported.
I also added information on how to connect to Phoenix from Zeppelin notebook.
The article and sample project are available here.

AMS (Ambari Metrics System) is powered by standalone HBase and Phoenix server. Using a command line, one can get access to AMS Phoenix and query the metrics without going to UI. I also added information on how to accomplish it.
I was successful only by launching the command tool from the node where AMS is installed. I will work how to access it remotely.