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niedziela, 5 maja 2019

HDP, Ranger and plugins

I spent several sleepless nights trying to resolve a strange problem related to HDP (HortonWorks Data Platform), Ranger service and plugins.
After installing Ranger and enabling any plugin, an appropriate service entry should be created and visible in Ranger Admin UI. More details are here. In the beginning, a default policy is created which can be customized later according to needs.
But in my environment, the service entry was not created thus blocking any attempt to implement authorization policy. What is more, even disabling/enabling plugin, stopping/restarting the cluster does not make any change, I was unable to conjure the service entry. At some point, I even removed the Ranger, recreated the Ranger database and reinstalled the service again from scratch, but it did not help.
Finally, after carefully browsing through the log files, I found the solution. The culprit is the local directory /etc/ranger. There is a subdirectory reflecting the service entry in Ranger Admin UI.

ls /etc/ranger/MyCluster_hadoop/

This directory contains a copy of ranger/service policy and is used as a recovery point in case of the database failure. It seems that after enabling the plugin if the service discovers this cache, the ranger/service policy is recreated but in this scenario, the Ranger Admin UI service entry is not restored. This cache is not removed after disabling the plugin and even after removing the whole Ranger service.
Unfortunately, it is not documented and badly implemented.
The solution is to switch off the plugin, manually remove the /etc/ranger/{service name} directory and switch on the plugin again. The service entry and default policy are recreated.
Keep in mind that the directory /etc/ranger/{service name} is located on the host where the appropriate service is installed, not the Ranger service host.