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piątek, 18 stycznia 2019

Civilization The Board Game, next version

I deployed a new version of my computer implementation of  Civilization The Board Game. The implementation consists of three parts:
New features
The journal was added. There is a window panel where the activities of the player and the opponent are outputted.

The journal panel can be brought to live by clicking the "Journal" button. It can be hidden afterwards by clicking the "Hide" button. The panel can be dragged across the screen but cannot be scaled. The actions are added to the panel dynamically during the progress of the game.
There were several problems to be resolved. Some messages are "public", meaning the message is visible for both players. For instance, if the player buys the building, the information is visible for both of them. There are also private messages visible only for the player and not replicated to the opponent. Some messages are modified according to the recipient. For instance: if the player is buying the unit, the unit type and the unit strength is reported to him. The same information is sent to the opponent but the unit strength is removed as private.
Next steps
Some culture cards are to be implemented.

poniedziałek, 7 stycznia 2019

MIT Kerberos, Ubuntu and Docker

I was using this version of Dockerized Kerberos but finally, I decided the prepare my own based on Ubuntu. Ubuntu has a smaller footprint then Centos, 230 MB against 650 MB. The Dockerfile and usage description is available here, as GitHub project.