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środa, 27 grudnia 2017

Next version of Civilization The Board Game

I deployed a new version of my computer implementation of  Civilization The Board Game. The implementation consists of three parts:
New features
  • Player can explore huts
  • Player can attack and take over villages
  • Fight between players in two player game
  • Improvements
Exploring huts
To explore hut, go to the square adjacent to the hut and click "Explore" button.

Then hut is visible in the player resource panel on the left. Click the resource panel and discover the resource guarded by the hut.

Attacking villages
In order to take over the village, the player has to position the figure close to the village and click "Attack" button.

Next step is to start the battle.
Next step, last but not least, is to win the battle!
In training, single player game, the player has to take a role of attacker and defender. In two player game, the opponent has to fight as a barbarian.
To fight, just drag a unit from waiting list to the battle zone. The game engine will resolve the result of the battle.
This time you win. But be careful next time, you may lose as well.
Two player battle
In two player game, one of the players can attack another player. 

The only difference comparing to village battle, the victor can pick up a loot from the loser.
I removed confirmation for all movements ("Are you sure ?"). The game runs more smoothly but there is a risk of mistake. 
The game is running slowly and awkward on Heroku in two players mode. In two players game, the client is probing constantly in 0.5 sec intervals the server to discover the change caused by other player action. The server is under the shell and is reacting slowly causing latency. Some improvements are necessary.
Next steps
  • Research implementation
  • Improvements