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niedziela, 7 lutego 2010

Just another test framework

I have been using this framework for my small projects. And came to the conclusion that it is a high time to share it with the world.

Boa test framework

It was not very easy because this framework was created to fulfill my specific needs. So I had to redesing it as a general purpose project but with the customization possibility and then to be the first consumer of this project and eat my own dog food.

Why another test framework ?

There is a lot of test frameworks, open source and commercial. There are great frameworks for specific projects or languages like JUnit. But I could not find small universal test framework for small projects so decided to write next one.

I was having the following ideas in my mind:
  • Platform indepedent.
  • As small and simple as possible. Developer or tester should create, run and evaluate tests, not to struggle with the test framework.
  • Automatically discovery of tests, easy way to add new test case without any change in existing files or configuration.
  • Possibility to extend framework, to write reusable, custom test handler for tests sharing some common pattern.

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