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niedziela, 24 lipca 2011


I started playing with the opensource tool "BenchmarkSQL". It allows to run TPC-C like test allowing measuring OLTP performance on different databases. Unfortunately, I had to fix several minor bugs - it seemed that loading data does not work correctly - the order of columns in several tables does not match INSERT and LOAD command. I also added additional run-time parameters for setting some settings related to test.
-DNoW={number of warehouses}
-DNoT=10 {number of terminales}
-DNoM=5 {number of minutes for test to run}
The fixed version can be downloaded from : BenchmarkSQL
I run the test again DB2, Oracle and Postgress databases running on the same box : Ubuntu, ThinkPad T-42, 1.7 GH IntelPentium, 2 GB RAM.
The databases have been installed out of the box, using default settings. The current score is as follows (10 warehouses, 10 terminals, 5 minute test)
Oracle: tpmC = 410
DB2: tpmC = 260
Postgres : tpmC = 240
I will try to improve DB2 performance by providing some tunning.

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