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niedziela, 21 kwietnia 2013

New version of JSPWiki in the clouds

I realized that my humble JSPWiki implementation for Google App Engine is under spam attack. Nasty anonymous user is constantly adding spam message to the main page. I also realized that ACL (Access Control List for pages) does not work in my implementation so I was unable to restrict access to this page.
After spending some time I enabled ACL for page access. So one can add to the pages stuff like [{ALLOW view SocialCommittee}] and the access is limited. The problem was awkward binding ACL list with the 'WikiPage' class I found in the standard version. But now it seems working, I restricted access to the 'Main' page and although the page was under spam attach all the time the spam message was not added. I also put the spam address to the blacklist (using solution described here) and the battle with spam is over and victorious for the time being.

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