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niedziela, 6 lipca 2014

MVP Jython framwork and visualization

I added visualization diagramss to the framework. The brief description is available here and the sample application is available here ('Charts' submenu). Adding visualization to the application is very simple: just add chart tag to the dialog xml specification and enhance Jython backing code to set sequence with proper names and numbers.
To implement visualization I used GWT wrapper around Google Charts. For the time being only basic charts are implemented: Pie Chart, Area Chart, Bar Chart, Column Chart, Line Chart and Scatter Chart. Also a subset of available option is implemented. It will be enhanced gradually.
Pie Chart
Pie Chart is a circular chart divided into sectors illustrating proportion between different data category.
In sample application it is possinle dynamically modify the numbers and texts (also adding new ones and removing existing) to see the effect.
XML definition for this chart and Jython backing code.
Scatter Chart
Scatter chart simply plots points using Cartesian coordinates.
 Another example of scatter chart.

It is possible dynamically change the data for this charts and see the effect.
XML definition : plot and circle.
Jython backing code: plot and circle.
Bar, Column, Area and Line Charts
These charts are very similar to each other. They use horizontal (or vertical) axis for names and another axis for numbers and illustrates proportion between different categories.
XML definition for charts.
Jython backing code for charts.
Next step
Add visualization to JavaHotel application

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