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wtorek, 26 sierpnia 2014

MVP Jython framework and mail handling

I deployed a new version of MVP framework containing mail handling. Google App Engine demo version is available here (Mail ->Send mail (save)). The purpose is not to create another mail client but to provide simple Jython interface for mail sending ( The solution also stores mail sent in the database for future reference.
This interface will be used later in JavaHotel application for tasks like: reservation confirmation, invoice sending etc.
In JEE version JavaMail is used, in Google App Engine Mail Java Api is used.
Test GUI
Sample application contains GUI for testing purpose, a sample usage of interface. The test code is available here.
List of mails sent (taken from database, not from 'Sent' folder).

Mail sending (with attachment)
List of attachments from note already sent
Apply the solution is JavaHotel application.

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