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wtorek, 23 września 2014

New version of JavaHotel, mailing

I deployed new version of JavaHotel application. Google App Engine demo is available here (U/P user/user), source code can be downloaded here. New feature is mailing.
Sending a confirmation mail is a part of the booking process. After successful booking confirmation note can be sent immediately.

If answer is yes then a window with note content pops up.

The note content is generated automatically through XSLT transformation. XSL source file is available here. By extending XSL source file it is possible to modify the confirmation note content: add some graphics, information about cancelation policy, payment method etc. Note content can be also modified manually before sending.
Confirmation email can be sent also later or resent again in case of reservation changing.

Mailing PDF receipt
Automatic mailing is enabled for PDF receipt. Hotel guest can ask for a second copy of the receipt after leaving the hotel or wants to make some changes in the receipt content (for instance address data).
The receipt PDF is attached to the note. The content of receipt note is also generated using XSLT and can be modified as desired.

Email collecting
All notes sent from the application are stored internally in the database (independently from 'Send' folder in the mail box).
The user can review all notes related to the particular reservation.

Also all notes sent to the customer/guest can be reviewed.

Next step

Advance payment.

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