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niedziela, 1 lutego 2015

Ubuntu 14.04 and USB tethering

For some reason I was unable to connect to a hotel wi-fi network from my Ubuntu 14.04 desktop. What is more interesting, I connected without any problem my Kindle reader and mobile (Galaxy S2, Android 2.3.6). The hotel receptionist was very kind but also threw up his hand.
After spending some time googling on my mobile I found the solution and it was extremely simple, connect to the Internet through a mobile using USB tethering.

  1. Find a public place with wi-fi connection and install usbip package (yum install usbip)
  2. Load vhci-hcd module (modprobe vhci-hcd)
  3. Be sure that mobile is connected to wifi network
  4. Connect mobile and desktop via USB cable
  5. Enable USB Tethering in your mobile (Application -> Setting -> Wireless and network -> Tethering and portable hotsp -> Enable Tethering
And that's final, I have raised from death and connected to the world again.

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