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niedziela, 17 maja 2015

New version of MVP Jython framework

New version of MVP Jython framework was deployed. New features had been added and several bugs fixed.
Sample application (Google App Engine)
Source code
Change title(tooltip)
More detailed description 
Change column header
More detailed description
Sample application Different lists -> Change column header
After clicking "Change column header" button column header will be modified accordingly.
Changes saving
User can modify some parameters related to list. For instance: number of rows.

So far the changes were active only for a current window. After refreshing standard values were restored. From now on the changes will be persisted in browser cookies and reused.
Modify the list layout
Additional option is implemented : "Change column settings"

After selecting the option it is possible to modify column headers and visibility.

Changes are persistent, new layout is stored in browser cookies. It is possible also to restore standard layout by clicking "Restore default" button.
Important: changing column order is planned in the future.
Setting/unsetting all column
Sample application Different lists -> List check
In "list edit" mode (more details) one can make "bool" column editable for check/uncheck. Option has been added to check/uncheck all list after clicking the column header. Whole list is modified, not only a single row.
Important: Side effect is involved because clicking the header causes also list sorting by boolean values. Will be improved in the future.
Small fixes
  • Footer numerical value is formatted like number in the column (decimal point, spaces between thousands). 
  • Jython 2.7 (final release) is used. Unfortunately, nasty problem was detected while converting date time value to Java Timestamp (source code modifier). Also this version does not work in Google App Engine ( package) so the old Jython 2.7-b3 is deployed for this version.
  • List: download as csv, PDF (for printing) and send as an attachment in mail.

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