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sobota, 11 lipca 2015

New version of MVP Jython framework

New version has been deployed. Introduces new functionality and enhancements.
Source code and and Google App Engine demo version.
Hide and show columns in list programmatically
Columns can be hidden and revealed again from Jython code. More detailed description is available here.
Demo version: Different lists->Change header name. After clicking "Column 2 visible" check box "Number 2 column" disappears or reappears.

Remember feature
Entering data is very dull task but "remember feature" provides some relief. Just restores value used last time. So far it could be achieved programmatically but from now on it is done automatically by adding "remember" attribute to a field description. Value can be remembered for each field individually or several fields can share the same value. More detailed description is available here.
Demo version : Alerts -> Dialog with remember.

Fields "Remember us" shares the same remembered value.
Suggest feature
"Remember" recalls only one last value but "Suggest" brings back a list of values to choose from. To implement "Suggest feature" GWT SuggestBox widget is used. Suggest list can be static or dynamic. Static gives the same list of predefined values all the time. Dynamic is enhanced automatically, every time user enters new value it is added to the list. In case of overflow the oldest value is removed. List can be stored individually for each field or the same list can be shared between different fields. More detailed description is available here.
Demo version :  Alerts->Dialog with suggest.

"Suggest custom" is using a static suggest list and "Suggest" dynamic
Get data
Data from any list can be downloaded or send to the recipient. Just click: "Tool" -> "Get data".

Several formats are supported: cvs, xml, html, JSon and PDF.

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