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poniedziałek, 31 października 2016

New features in Jython MVP framework, more Polymer

I implemented next bunch of Polymer web components from GWT Polymer show case. New components implemented: Header Panel, Icon Button, Item, Input, Material, Menu, Progress, Radio Button, Radio Group, Ripple, Spinner, Tabs.
The demo is launched from here, the source code is here.
Example screenshots

I also implemented ui:style element with CSS class name obfuscation. This way we can have a "private" CSS class name without the risk, that "local" class name will collide with other CSS class definitions. Also, the framework does not allow to use misspelled class names.
An example for UIBinder with ui:style element.
Pending problems
  • Popup dialogs do not work in Firefox browser
  • Not all web components render well, for instance: Tabs
  • Implementation of Progress component is still waiting for action for "Start" button
Next steps
Continue with Paper components. Having ui:style element implemented, makes copying and pasting UIBinder files from GWT Polymer show case easier.

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