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poniedziałek, 31 lipca 2017

Hosts, simple bash tool to run commands on several hosts

BigInsights  (IBM Hadoop) requires a number of prerequisites to have the cluster consistent. For instance: /etc/hosts file should be the same on all hosts. There are plenty of tools available, but finally, I decided to create a small tool on my own.
The tool is available here (branch hosts).
There are several simple bash procedures allowing copying and executing a single command on all hosts in the cluster. For instance: install a required package using yum command on all hosts.
Basically, two main tasks are implemented:

  • Share file across hosts (for instance /etc/hosts)
  • Run a single command on all hosts (for instance yum install package)
These two simple tools fulfill almost all tasks necessary to prepare and run the multi-host installation of BigInsights and IBM streams.
More details and description here.

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