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wtorek, 26 września 2017

Next version of Civilization The Board Game

I deployed next version of my computer implementation of  Civilization The Board Game. The implementation consists of three parts:
New features
I implemented new, more user-friendly interface.
Single user, training game.

Two players game, real melee battle.
The opponent deck is inactive, informative only.
More user-friendly features
If figure (scout or army) is in the corner between two hidden tiles, a dialog to select one to be revealed comes up.
Figures can be stacked. If a player decided to move stacked figures, a dialog to select figures to move pops up.
After selecting an action in the left panel, squares, where action could be conducted, are highlighted.
Next steps
  • Spend trade to rush the production
  • Send production from scout to city
  • Buying units
  • Battles (?)

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