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środa, 21 marca 2018

Civilization The Board Game, next version

I deployed a new version of my computer implementation of  Civilization The Board Game. The implementation consists of three parts:
New features
  • Wonders of The World.
You can buy wonders and spend money on them. Unfortunately, the functionality of the wonders is not implemented yet, will be added later.
Wonders are displayed in the separate panel. 
No graphic is attached, only the first letter of the Wonder name is exposed. It would be difficult to prepare several dozens of different and meaningful images. Only in the background a symbol of Ancient, Medieval or Modern is added.
When the player piles up the stack of money big enough, is allowed to buy a wonder. Discount for discovering a proper technic is granted also.
One player put aside enough to buy Pyramids or Great Lighthouse. After selecting a wonder, a square where the wonder is to be positioned should be selected. If square already had a building or another wonder atop, the previous content will be replaced.
The wonder is built and the world is staring at it with mouth open.
Next step

  • Economy, coins gathering
  • Culture progress

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