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czwartek, 5 kwietnia 2018

Civilization The Board Game, next version

I deployed a new version of my computer implementation of  Civilization The Board Game. The implementation consists of three parts:
New features
  • "Pottery" technology is enabled and you can gain coins by spending resources on them.
  • Economy progress is scored.
Pottery and economy
"Pottery" technology is the first to be enabled so far.

When technology is researched and you have at least two resources hoarded you have the opportunity to transform wheat or incense into gleaming gold.

  • "Use Technology" 
  • Choose technology you want to use, here Pottery only
  • Point the city where the action will be performed
  • Select two resources to spend
After spending resources you will be two resources lighter but one gold coin heavier.

Also "Pottery" card weights one coin now.

Although you can collect coins, the economic victory is not implemented yet.
Next step
  • Score culture progress.

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