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czwartek, 3 maja 2018

Civilization The Board Game, next version

I deployed a new version of my computer implementation of  Civilization The Board Game. The implementation consists of three parts:
New features implemented 
  • Culture track
  • Spend culture tokens to advance a culture level
  • Devote city to arts
  • MetalWorking
  • Code Of Laws
  • Currency
  • Irrigation
  • Navigation
Devote city to arts
The player can choose a city to devote it to arts to collect culture tokens. Culture tokens can be also sent from scout or scouts occupying an appropriate square.

Of course, the noble sacrifice is not in vain, it is piled in the resource panel.

Advance culture level, culture track
If the player stocks enough culture tokens can spend them to advance culture.

The cost depends on the culture level, in the beginning, it is 3 culture tokens. After spending culture, the player is climbing up one step on the culture ladder.

The player can advance only once using the dialog window but it can be repeated several times in the same City Management phase.
Important: the current implementation supports only marking the progress on the culture track. The culture cards, great persons, and culture victory are still pending.
MetalWorking technology
During the battle, the iron token can be used to increase the attack strength. Also, iron harvested from hut and villages can be consumed. The current implementation spends firstly iron token. If the iron token is not gathered, the hut or village is used. In the future implementation, the player will have a choice which iron to spend. 
Code Of Law technology
After winning the battle, the economy is increased and a coin is added to the technology card.

Currency technology
The player can spend incense to gain three culture tokens. Explicit incense token can be used or incense collected from hut or village. The player has an option to point it.

Irrigation technology
Irrigation allows building the third city. Research this technology as quickly as you can, it is the must in this game.
Navigation technology
After researching this technology, the player can cross the water but cannot stop in it. It is also the must in water covered area.

Next steps
  • Great persons
  • More technologies

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