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środa, 8 sierpnia 2012

CellTree and CellTable

I added a support for CellTree in my JavaHotel framework. Demo is available here. Source code containing  implementation is available here.
Of course - there is nothing special in it - samples are available together with the javadoc. My purpose was to make table view "tree view" enabled.  For some data tree (hierarchical) view is often more accurate. For instance - chart of accounts - has hierarchical structure. Some accounts are used as a collective for more specialized accounts related to them. Or we can have ledger accounts and subledger (subsidiary ledger) containing more specialized information.
On the other hand flat structure is also very convenient.
More information
So this is why this extension was created. We can make some tables (for instance char of accounts) to be "tree enabled" but all the time having the property to see them as a flat table.
The main problem was to include information about tree structure inside the table to avoid keeping additional metadata.
It was achieved by adding additional numeric column to the table. This column contains two information: whether the record is tree node or a leaf and depth of the node (leaf). The tree structure reads from the beginning to the end. If the column contains number greater or equal then 100 it is regarded as a node and leaf otherwise. The number itself (minus 100 for nodes) is regarded as a node (leaf) depth. So the notation is as follows: node is the first and then all next records with the level + 1 are its children until first record (node or leaf) with the level less then the starting node is detected.
Example (* marks the node) :

*A     (number = 100, node and level = 0)
 A1    (number = 1, leaf and level = 1
 A2    (number = 1, next leaf and level = 1)
 *A3   (number = 101, node and level = 1)
  A31  (number = 2, leaf and level = 2, child of the node A3)
  A32  (number = 3, next leaf and level = 2)
 A4    (number = 1, leaf and level = 1, next child for node A)
B      (number = 0, lead and level = 0, next child for the root) 
Additional info 

  • There is no need for this additional column to be displayed.
  • In the table (tree) view header additional property menu is added. It allows to switch between table view and tree view.
  • The disadvantage of the tree view is that a record filter cannot be applied. After removing some record (for instance nodes) it is unlikely to keep the proper tree structure. So when table view is filtered the switching to tree view is blocked.

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