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niedziela, 19 sierpnia 2012

JspWiki and Bach Cantatas

I started to collect Bach Cantatas recordings on YouTube service hoping to collect them all. The result of my research is available on JSPWiki implementation.
There are a lot recordings available on YouTube but I'm not happy with a lot of them. Some of them are partial  (only one movement), some of them are of very poor quality (for instance vinyl records ripped and uploaded to YouTube). There is almost complete recordings of Bach Cantatas made by Nikolaus Harnoncourt and Gustav Leonhardt but the quality is not perfect. I mean, of course, the quality of recording uploaded to You Tube - not the quality of performance which is excellent.
So I started to collect recording I'm happy with using the following rules:

  • Completed (not single movement).
  • Good recording quality. It goes without saying that 'quality' here reflects my personal taste.

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