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czwartek, 30 maja 2013

Jython MVP framework and new widget

I extended "check list" (grid), also grid of numbers (not only checkbox) can be created. Demo version is available here, click "Number grid".
After clicking "Check" button the Jython backing action fills the bottom row with sum of numbers in the column.
More detailed information is available here.
Declaration of number grid is very simple, just add "type" info to  "checklist" tag. Example:

<checklist id="prices" displayname="Prices" type="decimal" afterdot="2" >
Example of backing Jython code is available here.
Additional feature
Unlike "check box" number grid allows error visualization. In the sample application just enter number less then -10 and click "Check". More then one cell can be marked this way.
Next test case has been added to the  test suite. Test scenario is available here.
Next step
This widget will be used in the hotel application to define a price list for services offered by the hotel.

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