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czwartek, 9 maja 2013

MVP framework, application and localization

Several new features have been added to my MVP framework.
It is possible to create a fully localized application. Some localized message are framework embedded (for instance messages like: Yes, No, Accept, Resign) and it is possible also to create application specific messages.
More detailed description is available here.
Example of localized application (Google App  Engine).
English (default)
In both cases U/P is admin/admin
Check list widget utilization
In application available from above a check list widget is used in order to specify permission for the specific user in the specific hotel.
The purpose is to develop Web application business logic only in Jython code without recompiling and redeploying the application. It means that during development every request should read fresh copy of jython code and dialog XML format. But of course it should be avoided in production code because it means significant reduction in performance. So development mode is introduced with the following features:
  1. Jython code, XML dialog and message bundles outside java class loader to avoid constantly republishing application to application server (when Eclipse project is open)
  2. No caching, just load resources directly form file system.
  3. Restart Jython with every request
  4. Every request takes a new copy of bundle messages.
Start of Java Hotel development
The application above is the first step in creating Java Hotel application. So far simple administration part is created - allows defining hotels, user and permissions.
Full source code of Java Hotel application created so far is available here. Also not Google App Engine (JPA based) version has been created.
Next step
Authentication to Java Hotel application using realm created in Administrative part described above.

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