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niedziela, 16 listopada 2014

New version of JavaHotel application

New version of JavaHotel application is deployed to Google App Engine (User/Password user/user). Source files are available here.
Changes implemented:
  • Visualization of the reservation state in the reservation panel
  • Advance deposit for guaranteed booking
  • More convenient to work with reservation
  • Confirmed/Not confirmedbooking
  • Access to the reservation data from the list of reservations (not only from reservation panel).
  • Warning before making the reservation persistent without refreshing it.
Visualization of the reservation state

The following states are recognized:
  • Reservation scheduled (not confirmed)
  • Reservation confirmed
  • Reservation, advance deposit paid by the customer
  • Reservation, advance deposit payment date expired
  • Customer not arrived. Current date is greater then the beginning of the reservation  and no check-in yet
  • Vacant, not paid. Last day of the stay expired and the bill is not balanced
  • Vacant. Last day of the stay expired and fully paid
  • Vacant excess payment. Last day of the stay expired and the payment exceeds the bill
  • Occupied, not paid.
  • Occupied, advance paid. Advance deposit payment exceeds the bill still
  • Occupied paid
  • Occupied excess payment (including advance deposit)
Advance deposit for guaranteed booking
During making the reservation an advance deposit can be specified.

 The advance deposit amount can be entered directly or calculated automatically as a percentage of the total payment. The advance deposit payment date can be specified also.
Important: Current version supports advance payment only as an additional information for the operator. No automatic action is performed.
The advance deposit data can be specified also later by changing the existing reservation.

The dialog allows also to enter payment done by the customer.

More convenient way of working with the existing reservation
After clicking the reservation in the panel a smaller windows pops-up.
This window allows simpler access to some functionality related to the reservation. After clicking on "Change reservation" the full reservation dialog is displayed.
Confirmed/not confirmed
Reservation can be marked as confirmed/not confirmed. This indication can be specified at the beginning and can be modified later. Important: confirm/not confirmed status is only for an information, no automatic action is implemented.
Access to the reservation data also from reservation list
"Administration" -> "Reservations"
List of reservations displays also reservation status. After clicking the column the reservation (or stay) details are displayed. It is the same dialog window as in the reservation panel. Also reservation (or stay) modifications can be done here.
Warning before making the reservation persistent
Reservation (also modification) should be done in three steps:
  1. Fill reservation data (number of days, number of persons, price list etc)
  2. Refresh the reservation. It applies reservation data entered in step 1 and recalculates it. Also checks if reservation does not overlaps with other reservation. 
  3. Make reservation. It makes the reservation persistent. Uses the result of the last refreshing. So if user omits step 2 the final result can be different then expected.
In order to  minimize the risk of confusion a warning window is displayed signalizing that some changes were made without refreshing the reservation.

The user can finalize reservation (ignoring changes) or return to the booking dialog.

Next steps
  • Taxation
  • Reports

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