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niedziela, 24 czerwca 2018

Civilization The Board Game, next version

I deployed a new version of my computer implementation of  Civilization The Board Game. The implementation consists of three parts:
Several civilizations feature are implemented: America, China, Egypt, Germany, Rome and Russia.

Free random Great Person at the beginning (Great Persons capabilities are not implemented yet).

When capital is built, the Great Persons is added to the great person registry and can be placed at the city outskirts.
After any battle, China can save on the killed units and return it into the standing force.
Egypt can build an unblocked building during City Management phase.
When Germany researches a technology which upgrades or unlocks a unit, it can also pick up one of the resources from the market.

Russia can sacrifice the figure, army or scout, ending its move in the foreign city and learn for free a technology already researched by this civilization.
When the figure is close enough to the foreign city, an additional button is enabled.

The player has to select the figure and foreign city and the technology dialogue pops up.
Next steps

  • Complete the implementation of the two remaining civilizations.
  • Attack the city

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