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niedziela, 29 czerwca 2014

JavaHotel, new version

I deployed next version of JavaHotel application. Demo version (Google App Engine) is available here (U/P user/user) and source code here.
I added a searching (so far new reservation was activated after clicking in the hotel room/day cell).
After clicking "Search" button a list of hotel rooms available is displayed :
and the user can select a room and a reservation can be started.
Reservation extension
After reservation is booked it is possible to extend it by adding another room to the reservation or extend the reservation period for the room already booked.  This option is available after clicking "Extend reservation" button.
 It is the same searching mechanism as above but after clicking "Add to reservation" button the room selected is added to the existing reservation.
Reservation modification
Also more detailed modification of existing reservation is possible after clicking "Modify reservation" button.

The user can modify reservation for the single day/room line, remove one line from the reservation and add a new line.
Customer/guest info
This option is available through "Upper menu" -> "Administrator" -> "List of customers" -> "Info".
This window shows the activity of the particular customer.
Room/service info
"Upper menu" -> "Administrator" -> "Services" -> "Modify" -> "Show rooms"
List of hotel rooms sharing this service.
Additional changes
  • Modifying list of guests (checked in) also during a stay.
  • "Administrator" - blockage for removal objects (rooms, customers, services, price list) if there exists any dependent object (for instance: cannot remove a hotel room if there is exist a reservation for this room). Future: add option "out of use" or "deactivate" the object.
  • "Spinner" widget (look above) to make user interface more user friendly.
Next step
Implements charts (I'm going to use Google Charts ) to visualize room, service or customer activity.

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