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piątek, 20 czerwca 2014

MVP Jython framework, new enhancements

I added several enhancement to MVP Jython framework. Sample application is available here, source code here.
URL parameters
Access to URL parameters in the Jython backing code. It allows passing some additional parameters to the application.  Description is available here. In the sample application : Different lists -> URL params.
Additional standard toolbars for list
It is the small enhancement but allows to avoid repeating the same sequence of buttons. Description is available here.
Application parameters
This enhancement allows injecting some application parameters into the dialog definition. Description is available here.
Spinner widget
Spinner widget allows entering integer values without typing keyboard. It is convenient method if the range limit is not very big. Sample application : Status -> Spinner and Status -> List with spinner. For dialog form spinner range values can be modified dynamically. Description is available here.
JavaScript backing method
JavaScript function can be defined as a response action. Because JavaScript is executed at the client side and it makes user interface more agile. Defining JavaScript response action is possible only if server side action (for instance database querying) is not required. Sample application : Alert -> Dialog with JS. Description is available here.

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